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Welcome to Blend Bar Wellington

Where every day is different but every day is a party!

Welcome to Blend Bar and Cafe, the ultimate party bar in Wellington. Come on down for great drinks, served by the best bartenders in town. Blend Bar has something different to offer every night...

blend bar_wellington 

Some Blend Bar Wellington highlights...

We're situated in the heart of Wellingtons city centre, next to the Michael Fowler Centre, so whether it's an after work business meeting, you're just popping in for dinner before you go to catch a show or you're coming in to party there is something for everyone at Blend Bar Wellington.


We have specials and deals every day of the week so find out What's On on the night you want to come.

From all the Blend Bar Wellington crew we hope you have a good night out every night and remember.... 'You're here for a good time, not a long time.'



Blend Bar Video

Find us on facebook


120 Wakefield Street Wellington


Become a Member! Receive discounts on food & drink!

We have 1 guest online
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